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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Heart Language

*My heart speaks a language all its own, and beats in time to a rhythm I feel deep in my soul.

Something mysterious occurs when we find our heart’s language and start to live according to that beat.  Slowly, but certainly, I discern the rhythm of my soul, the beat of my existence.

It is good, this beat in my heart.




Autumn Bliss

If you know me at all, you know my absolute favorite season is fall.  Given the opportunity, I’d move to a place in perpetual autumn.  Is there a place like this on earth?  If so, please share, so my life can be complete.  [Just kidding… but slightly serious.]

Admittedly, I prefer fall in the Midwest, because the colors are more varied slightly and vibrant, but Colorado is a solid second.

Take a deep breath, and enjoy the surrounding beauty.  Also, say thank you for something; the trees demand it, I think.

Pumpkin baked goods!

LAYERS and BOOTS (my favorite things)

The return of warm beverages!

I take pictures of leaves at every opportunity almost as though I might never have the opportunity again. This makes me super cool, I think.

Rarely, my soul is quiet, but looking out at all things created hushes me.

Happy Girl. Thanks to my good friend, Ben, for his photography skills. He understands my passion for the autumn, as we bonded several years ago over our mutual admiration for the season. Now I get to exploit his seasonal pass to Rocky Mountain National Park. [Evil laugh]

There ya have it, Folks.  What is on your autumn bucket list?  I plan to engage in fall festivities every weekend until Thanksgiving.  Give me ideas!


*Also, Coops, because I know you’re reading this at some point, I hope you enjoy pictures of home!  I keep remembering our many fall adventures through windy parades, condiment costumes and burritos, scary movies [which only I and Alissa found scary], escaping kit cats into the leaves, and fall parties and bonfires at the Blue House.  I hope Tonga has a fall of some sort.  Tell me when it is; I’ll plan my visit accordingly. 🙂

All Good Things:

Sometimes, I find it necessary to speak of the good things in this life:

  • Nighttime runs through drizzly neighborhoods.
  • Delinquently-ripening bananas.  (I’ve had quite an issue with rapid ripening this summer… not cool, Produce, not cool.)
  • Smiling while thinking of the Coops living it in Tonga.
  • Dani and Mac visit in circa 70 days!
  • A loving mom, and a loving dad.
  • Socialworkese is in full swing.  Love it.
  • Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies and other fall yums.
  • Refer to these blogs for a provocative whisper:,
  • Babel graces the world in two weeks.  If you don’t know what that is, I feel super sorry for you, so refer to the following [And as a side note to all you tisk-tiskers about sophomore albums sucking, please rain in your undue criticism, until you learn to play mandolin and spout nonsense simultaneously.  K, thanks, bye.:
  • I work at Street’s Hope now.  Super unexpected, super eager, and feeling super inadequate yet anticipatory.  Good stuff.
  • Classy’s wheel hub is broken, which means her transmission is A-OKAY!
  • Approaching autumn.
  • We begin huddling in two weeks.  I can’t wait to see what these ladies have to teach me…
  • A quiet, peaceful home to return to after long, loud days.
  • In two days, I read new Donald Miller.  Sexy.
  • I wore my boots this week.  Enough said.
  • Disregarding my mountain of debt, common sense, and upcoming graduation from one graduate degree, I’m looking into PhD programs.  Not happening in reality, at least not in the immediate now, but it is quite intriguing to be aware of my options….. 🙂
  • I accept it:  I’m a feminist. (more on this later)

I could go on and on and on and on and on.  Really, I’m just very thankful to be right where I am.  Disregard the poor grammar of those last, two “sentences” in favor of the heart behind it.

Hope y’all enjoy the start of a new season and accompanying changes.


Summer draws near to a close.  For this, I am thankful.  Many people find fall time somewhat insane, as routines abandoned during summertime pick up, and temperatures drop, beckoning the looming winter.

But not this girl.  I adore autumn, finding it as me personified in seasonal form.  Despite my spring purchase of two, neon t-shirts, I am all about the earth tones with splashes of color.  And printed scarves.  And hot beverages.  And crisp, musky air.  And bbootttsss.  I believe, firmly, that boots make any woman of any body type at any level (or lack) of athleticism in her figure look damn good.  Mostly, I love boots, because they forgive especially when those long socks and scarves tie into the mix.

Fashion and food trends aside, I love autumn, because its my rhythm, or the beat I hope to attain in my livelihood.  This summer I broke from the regular blogging habit, and a lot of my “normal” habits, to breathe.  For me, breathing means taking naps, reading books slowly, preparing meals for one (or extra to enjoy with friends), taking walks in the park, listening to the same song over and over for hours, painting blank canvases, tying my hair up, watching an embarrassing amount of bad television (yes, this included all the episodes of Dawson’s Creek) and secluding away from almost everybody.  Essentially, this summer I tried to develop rhythms by doing nothing.  And it worked.

So, this fall, more than any recent one (and probably since childhood), I enter into my favorite season feeling new.  More than twice this summer, I’ve heard, “You look different and more healthy and happy than I’ve seen you in a long time or ever.”  First, this wouldn’t have been said of me for valid reason.  Second, I cannot express adequately how happy I am to hear those words.  I can’t take the credit all my own; I had some great people around me this summer, helping me sift through the muck and ask some hard questions, but I am glad I did.

As I enter into this new-yet well-loved season-I feel ready for whatever is next.  Book cracking, and paper writing.  Home brewing [in my friend’s basement.  Let’s be real, that’s tough in 500 square feet).  Saying “no.”  And exuberantly saying “yes.”  Leaf crunching.  Deeply conversing.  Belly-laughing.  Pumpkin bread baking.  Resume tweaking.  New friend.  Mile running.  Disciple huddling.  Hard and easy lesson learning.  Mistake making.  New Mumford & Sons’ album listening.  Apple picking.  God-baby growing (that would be a vision not a human, in case you were mildly curious).  And increased self-knowing and growing.

Yeah.  Grace.

*I can’t think of much more to attribute to my newfound sense of peace and joy.  It isn’t something explainable, and I have a long way to go, but, for the first time, I allow myself to feel a bit of it.  It is really, really nice.