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Beyond Hoping

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Beyond Hoping

In her response to the book Leaving Church:  A Memoir of Faith, a blogger I am particularly fond of asked her readers to consider the question posed in the text:  “What is saving your life right now?”  I have yet to read the book; however, the question, and it’s greater implications, intrigue me.  Here’s my response, and I encourage you to post your own thoughts about what’s saving you this summer:


This is what I think:  without hope, I’d drift aimlessly and sink eventually.  For me, hoping creates the foundation for saving, and saving moves me into believing.  What saves me are a few, simple things helping me breathe deeper, so I can find a reason to hope every day:

I work somewhere that values and fosters the contribution each person can make to make the world a little brighter. This makes it easy to go to the office.

My apartment is well-loved and decorated.  Home sweet home!

My new apartment is cozy, decorated, and well-loved.  Home Sweet Home!

Summertime means produce is plentiful and affordable on my student budget!

Summer break means I have time to do nothing-things like painting, napping, reading, and being. I forgot how lovely it is.

Recently, I spent a week with my best friend. She asked me all the right questions and, of course, danced with me to trashy pop. Oooh Payphone.

After how incredible 2011 was for new music, I was doubtful about 2012, but summer releases offer much promise.

Colorado’s beautiful these days, and this view is in my neighborhood. Or the one adjacent.

Reading the words of Henri Nouwen and Rainer Maria Rilke: a massage for my soul.

It comes down to simple, yet vibrant, beauties and small kindnesses.  In the mundane, more than the obvious or grandiose, I feel renewed, connected [again] to people, and able to hope.  In these things, life, and the Spirit, speak loudly, and I am quiet enough to hear.

May your heart be quieted and your soul rest in these final, summer days.  If you struggle getting there, I suggest a pitcher of homemade sangria.  Works like a charm!


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