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Monthly Archives: May 2012

The Summer Musts

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I hate the term “Bucket List.”  It is corny, and I feel millions of words and phrases capture my desires better, so, alas:  my summer musts.

1.  Tour New Belgium Brewery (never ever been!).

2.  Camping [in the mountains not my backyard].

3.  Solo Travel in Chicago.

4.  Grow something.

5.  Lazy River.

6.  Master the Firefly and Crane poses [yoga, People,  yoga].

7.  Mountain kayaking.

8.  Roadtrip.

9.  Pick berries -> Make jam.

10.  Portland.

11.  Experience sunset to sunrise in one spot.

12.  Be a winemaker like we said we would.

13.  Take more pictures.

14.  Meatless Mondays.

15.  Ouray.

16.  Sand Dunes.

17.  Watch The Goonies.

18.  Dinner party in the new house.

19.  Bicycle more.

20.  Heritage Square’s alpine slide.

21.  Tour Grand Junction wineries.

22.  Make homemade pesto and salsa verde!

23.  Meet a stranger in a coffeehouse.  Have a chat on the porch.

24.  Floss everyday (I sometimes forget!).

25.  Read War & Peace.

26.  [Because I like to end on even numbers]  Run a 10k.


I love me some summer.  Join!


The Last Summer

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It is coming:  my last summer.

Okay, so I know it won’t be my last summer, because I anticipate living through many more summers; however, this is my final summer as a student.  Maybe someday the PhD will come into play, but, right now, the only thing I can think about is the day when I won’t be a student any longer and get paid to do what I studied for a long time.

So, back to the last summer part.  I feel like I need to soak up this one and have plenty of slow, lazy mornings, because I don’t know that I’ll have many opportunities.

Also, I feel the need to:

grow vegetables. sew something.  pick berries.  read books.  collect vinyl.  do yoga.  walk around the city by myself [and apparently with a can of pepper spray, since I’ve been informed urban-dwelling-women carry this stuff normally… oops].  watch the sunrise.  hike mountains.  go camping.  write some poems.  read more poems than i write.  make sushi.  watch Downton Abbey.  visit Wisconsin.  and maybe Chicago [I’ve had an itch to explore it recently.].  and swirl around Pirate’s Cove for hours, chatting away.  making sangria and drinking the majority of the pitcher.  live in sweats.  and let my hair dry in the air and wear a messy braid every day.  Get tan[ner than I already am].  Make a headboard and a distressed bench for my new apartment.  and listen to some good music.

I’ll do plenty of other things, I’m sure.  But all that to say, summer is going to be complete bliss.  I am so close, I could cry!

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Sometimes I forget that our lives won’t look like this forever.  This makes me both happy and sad, depending mostly on the day and whether or not I’ve consumed any chocolate.  Rapidly, our small, beloved world is opening up to include other people, places, and visions.  It’s an exciting time.

A baby.

A foreign country.

A trip to the southern half of this hemisphere to find a story.

A graduate degree.  And a tiny, growing vision inside myself; it’s quite exciting.

A doctoral degree.

A new friend here and there.

A new apartment [in an old neighborhood].

And a boy.


Love, new and old.  Loss, painful but necessary.  And in all of it, life breathes, which is the most beautiful and hopeful part.


But to the group:  you’ll always be my group, no matter what, and I won’t look at a new one the way I look at ours.  No one will ever know the things we do, the something somethings inside.  Those are our keeps.

This is what a blessed life looks like, I think.  I might be overwhelmed by all of it, but I am so incredibly thankful in this moment.