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Soul Saturdays

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Saturdays are good for the soul.  I look forward to them all week-long, because they are the day I try to schedule nothing but time with the real people in my life.  Real, meaning, people who are not my clients, co-workers, or employers.

Two days ago was a soul Saturday.  For starters I didn’t set an alarm, which is a real luxury.  After a somewhat eventful drive to Colorado Springs with tree boughs on the interstate and getting lost as usual, I met with an old mentor and friend, and we caught up on about eight month’s worth of stories and laughs over lunch.  She is an exceptional person, and I never stop learning from her experience and wisdom.  Also, she’s having a baby soon, and she’s one of those glowing, pregnant ladies.  I am real lucky to have people like Tammy speaking into my life who love the person I am but inspire greater things in me; I wish someone like that in every young person’s life.

Then there was date time, for which we had two rules:  no talking about work, and have enjoyable fun. We owned date day with our agenda-less agenda.  He likes to tease me about making plans (since I’m extra good at being Type A), and I appreciate that he is one of the most calm and laid-back guys I’ve ever met.  Days like Saturday-which involved a slow stroll in the sun, beers and people watching, delicious dinner, family birthday tiramisu, and perusing through childhood collections and memories of growing up-remind me of how good it can be to let go of the plan, especially when you do that with someone who is a whole lot cooler than yourself.  Yep, I’m a big fan of Rick.

Ah.  Soul Saturdays.


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