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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Being Vulnerable

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If you haven’t heard this TED talk, watch it.  I’ve seen it twice now (one time this evening), and each time it challenges and encourages me

Like Brown says may you rest in the knowledge that you are enough, and may you connect deeply with the courageous ones who see and love you.


Necessary, I think.

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Regardless of one’s age, some unncessary things become necessary, I think.  The list includes the following:

  • Making t-shirts to wear to the movie theatre, following the theme of the movie one is about to view.
  • Crying in multiple scenes despite knowing exactly what will occur, because one read the book several months prior.
  • Seeing the same movie twice in one day in order to relish the experience completely.
  • Agonizing over and succumbing to the black-hole-like-plot of the fated love triangle, renigging one’s previous decision only to come back to one’s original decision.
  • Defeating sensible, budgetary principles in order to have a peek experience of watching a movie in the theatre but bringing one’s own beverage and candy.
  • Taking self-timer photographs in hiding while speaking and laughing incredibly loud, pretending the ticket takers notice no such thing.
  • Sitting through the credits in their entirety even though no extra scene is promised in order to listen to the song promoted on iTunes for months and months.
In case you fail to understand, this was us.  For months:
But, now, we’re more like this:

Yes.  Yes, indeed, I’d never kill any of you for food.  And, yes, sometimes one should defeat all rules of normalcy in order to have supreme fun.  I think the odds for fun are always in our favor, which is why y’all are the best. 

“There lives the dearest freshest deep down things…”

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After an extended  hiatus from the blogosphere, I return with a poetic line from the one and only Gerard Manley Hopkins.  Growing up with extended, merciless, and bleakly dark winters, I adore spring.  For me spring means air-dried hair, sundresses, lighter and brighter colors, increased ideation, laughter, bare naked toes, and ample fresh produce from the farmer’s market.  Mostly I am rejuvenated in springtime, ready jump into whatever’s next.  I like to think I am very resolved like Fiona Apple in that one song about being a better version of herself.  Maybe not quite that feisty, but a girl can dream, right?

And why haven’t I blogged in forever?  Lots of reasons.  Goodbyes.  Finals.  Refinishing and distressing furniture.  General lack of ambition.  A [reclaimed] addiction to Pinterest and DIYing.  Spring break.  Interaction and conversation with those in my life who matter more than this blog. Transitions in dreams, visions, and purposes.  Thoughts, ideas, and stories-some inconsequential but all significant-not intended to be revealed to the general public.  You know, things hard, good, and true.

In the opening of this post, I quoted Hopkins, because inside me are dearest, freshest, deep down things.  I feel like I am sitting on the edge of a great valley teeming in the uncertainty of possibility.  And, ultimately, that kind of experience cannot be conveyed completely through diction.  Occupying that awkward yet soulful place between my head and my heart, I wait eagerly, sort of like that moment right before you catch your breath.  Also, I’m surrounded by surprise daisies and crocuses that seem to be smiling at me, which is a great inspiration for the internal writer I’ve neglected.

And it’s spring, so all is right in the world.  And if it isn’t for real, it will be, because that’s what this time of year is about.