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You win some, and you lose some.  Today was a losing of sorts.  I didn’t fail at anything in particular; it was more like succumbing…

Forgot my contacts and glasses.  Managed to make it to work only to turn around to grab some lenses.

Caught the twins saying “bye bye” and waving to whatever was flushing down the toilet…

Noah, the dog, broke the baby gate, so we spent the bulk of an afternoon turning the TV, space heater, and lamps on and off and taking all the ziplock bags out of the drawer… after two hours I realized I could simply unplug the power strip and turn on Dora the Explorer.

Finn almost ate a quarter, so I had to do a little digging…

After multiple “no!”s and bat-aways, I just let Cassidy put her fingers in my mouth…

I was that woman at the mall, walking around, dazed, toddlers’ hands in my own being led up the escalator.  Major meltdown initiated afterward, because, well, the elevator simply isn’t as cool… ddduuhh.  And to that precious, elderly woman who offered to help me, you’re a gem, but they SO aren’t MINE.

Enjoyed the adultness of NPR so much that I missed the street to get back to the twins’ house, and the next, and then we hit a one-way.  Ooops, drove a mile out of our way, but, hey, the story was intriguing, and I figure it’s helping improve the twins’ verbals…

Due to the broken-gate-fiasco, I didn’t even get to go to the bathroom alone today between the hours of 8 AM and 6 PM.


…. like I said, you win some, and you lose some.  And even though I found the “Music for Making Babies” in my desk at the office, I take great comfort in the idea that I probably won’t have to use that mix for a very, stinkin’ long time.  And if I ever start to doubt it, I’ll just ask Cassidy to put her fingers in my mouth.  Hurrah!



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