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Twenty four.

A friend who moved here about a year ago decided that 2012 was the year to do the all the Colorado things she wishes to do but never does.  Another friend coined his list “12 in 2012.”  But because I have to disrupt the flow a little, and because this is my 24th year of life, I decided to do 24, fun things this year.  Some things are new, and others are repeats.  Here’s the list:

1.  Hike a 14er. – Yes, I say I will do this every year and somehow don’t.  And, yes, this year will be different; it will be the year!

2.  Take a road trip with friends accompanied by a minute-to-the-mile soundtrack, like in the movie Elizabethtown!

3.  Make a [decently drinkable] bottle of wine.

4.  Visit Aspen in the fall. – Because it’s my favorite season, of course!

5.  Read 24 books.

6.  Have a quiet day once a month, preferably in nature, without the iPod, phone, computer, or another person. – Okay, maybe my phone, but for emergency purposes only.

7.  Write two, snail-mail letters to my parents and grandparents every month.

8.  Get inked.

9.  Stay in a mountain cabin with friends for the weekend, laughing, eating good food, and playing outside.

10.  Write down something I am thankful for each day. – so I can look back and remember how awesome 24 was, of course!

11.  Bake a Crème Brûlée.

12.  Teach the twins how to say my name! – Preferably not “Asslee”

13.  Pick summer fruit, and make jam. – Delicious… and I’ve never done it with Colorado fruit!

14.  Swim in an ocean. – Slo?!?

15.  Go to a show at Red Rocks. – fingers crossed for a stellar summer line-up!

16.  Kayak in one of the gorgeous mountain lakes that make me drool.

17.  Distress and redecorate my garage-sale furniture that is two colors.  – I’ve had good intentions to do this for about a-year-and-a-half… it looks like a sad bumble bee.

18.  Write more [quality] poetry. – I miss it, and I’m certain Dr. Woodruff is tisking me from the heavens for not keeping at it… lo siento.

19.  Find my signature cocktail. 

20.  Go camping in the mountains and make hobo dinners! – Because I didn’t go once last summer!  BOO!

21.  Tour wineries in western Colorado.

22.  Run a Half Marathon with the Boo!

23.  Live alone in a fun, old-school apartment sans squirrels and mice. – I’ve never lived by myself, and I always say I want to try it, so I think there’s not a better time than now… or in July, when my current lease is up.

24.  Make sushi!


It’s all about the little things, you see!  Yep, 24 will be amazing 🙂  Join me, but only if you promise to have fun, laugh, and put up with my soundtrack-for-every-occasion antics.  Game ON!



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